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  July 14, 2020
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Doula Program To Accompany and Comfort

Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort
55 Exchange Place Suite 402
New York NY 10005
Please note correct phone number: 212-706-0398



Hundreds of individuals facing the end of life are not alone as a result of a relationship with a Doula Volunteer. Our volunteers form meaningful connections in one visit, over weeks and over years that touch both of their lives.
The number of people facing the end of life without family or friends is startling.
Since 2001, The Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort, a nonprofit organization, has been the only organization of its kind specializing in training, carefully matching and supervising Doula Volunteers who visit individuals facing the end of life alone.
The Doula Volunteers visit individuals living at home, in nursing homes and in hospitals. Our volunteers visit weekly with one individual until he or she dies.
In addition to visiting in healthcare facilities and at home, our specially trained Palliative Care Doula Volunteers visit several individuals in hospitals.
The Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort created the hospital based Palliative Care Doula Volunteer program in response to the needs of individuals with critical illness.
We have gained national and international respect for our work that has been recognized in the New York Times. Our professional staff, specialists in end of life care, prepare volunteers through intensive training, ongoing guidance and continuing education. The organization also provides consultation on customized Program implementation, training curriculum and programming for professionals on end of life issues.

Service Provided:
The person has a life threatening illness or advanced illness
The person has limited support from family and friends; or could benefit from a relationship with a Doula Volunteer
A professional is monitoring the needs of this person as their illness progresses
Memory impairment is individually assessed
This person has been consulted and would like a "volunteer visitor"
Each referral is assessed individually. We are interested in knowing the patient as an individual, beyond his/her diagnosis. Interests, personality and gender preference are helpful in matching the Doula Volunteer.

Agency Contact:
Amy Levine
Executive Director
(1-212) 706-0398

Agency Contact:
Juliet Sternborg
Program Manager
(1-212) 706-0398 X3

Last Updated:
2016-12-07 14:13:36

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