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  July 07, 2020
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Lee Scher Company

327 Central Park West
New York, NY 10025



Having a longevity plan can help you make the most of your later years. Your plan can provide strategies to help you achieve your financial and personal goals such as:
-I want to maintain my independence for as long as possible, and not cause physical, emotional or financial strain to my family and loved ones.
-I want to protect my standard of living form the effects of inflation an the rising cost of living.
-I want to be able to retire at a time of my choosing, whether at age 65 or sooner.
-I want to be able to leave an inheritance to my family.
-I want to have options available to me if I need help taking care of myself.
I can help you build your Longevity Plan.

Service Provided:
A long, healthy, fulfilling life-it's what so many people hope for, but usually doesn't happen by chance. Careful planning today can help ensure a more enjoyable life later on. What steps are you taking right now to help you overcome the challenges that may arise as you age?
-Consider how a longer lifespan might affect your circumstances.
-Invest money appropriately to help meet your short term needs and long term financial goals.
-Review your insurance needs, especially as your personal and financial circumstances change.

Primary Agency Contact:
Lee Scher
Financial Representative
646 413-3355

Last Updated:
2012-01-23 14:43:30

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